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Issue Five: The Words Every True Otaku Should Know.

This week, The Otaku Spot is going to list all the words, terms, and phrases, that every true otaku, regardless of how long they have been one or not should know. This is also a good article to read if you are the non-otaku friend, or parent of an otaku, so you know what everyone is talking about the next time you are lost at an “anime convention”. In addition, we will be defining what that term means too!

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In order to make sure there is adequate time to properly review, The DAOS is going to be rotating two manga and anime reviews a week. So next week, be ready to check out two manga reviews! This week however, we are going to be doing 2 anime reviews. So check them out!

Reviews of the Week:

Innocent Venus
By Jun Kawagoe
Volume One DVD out now by ADV Films

After worldwide hurricanes devastated the population of Earth, sealing Europe and North America in ice and flooding much of the rest of the world, Japan recovered relatively quickly from the catastrophe, with the help of a pre-existing powered-suit technology. It is not long before the sociopolitical lines are redrawn, resulting in a strict segregation of the haves and have-nots (called Logos and Revinus respectively). After external threats have been neutralized, Logos turns its murderous resources on the forces of internal rebellion, resulting in a brutal police state. It is through this blasted post-apocalyptic landscape of violence and social strife that two young men, Jin and Joe, escort a young girl named Sana, dodging the dogged and inevitably vicious attempts of the military to capture the innocent girl. Fortunately for her and unfortunately for their pursuers, Jin and Joe are far more skilled in the arts of combat than anyone could guess. It is a good thing too; they will have to contend with not only police and soldiers, but also pirates and the military's monstrous special attack unit Phantom.

Pros to the Anime: This anime so far has so much action in it, that if you leave for even a moment, you have missed vital parts of the plot. The music while nothing out of the traditional, still enhances the series in many ways. The Japanese voice acting is very good, and the English voice-over is good too. However, the best part is still the awesome blend between 2D and 3D elements and the movements of the characters and Mecha robots as well. Just that alone will keep you interested through the first volume.

Cons to the Anime: While the action is awesome. The action also is extremely time consuming in the episodes. You end up with many questions and not enough elaboration for you to understand. As a result, the plot highly suffers, and you end the series seriously confused. One can hope that they will elaborate more as the series goes on.

Miss Red Rose’s Verdict: To put it bluntly: eh… I mean, this series shows some serious signs of awesomeness, but all the action that took place in the first volume, has rather left my head spinning. Therefore, this one also is added to the list of animes that the DAOS will be watching and keeping you all updated on!

The Place Promised In Our Early Days
By Makoto Shinkai
Movie out by ADV Films

In a world where Hokkaido separated from mainland Japan in the early '70s and formed and independent nation called The Union, middle school friends Hiroki and Takuya share two common interests: a girl named Sayuri and a plan to build a plane to fly to the mysterious tower they can see across the straits in Enzo (aka Hokkaido). Both pledge to fly there with Sayuri one day, but time and circumstances separate the trio before the plane can be finished. Years later, with war looming on the horizon, their paths cross again as the two boys learn that Sayuri has been asleep for years and cannot wake. Somehow her condition is connected to the mysterious tower and interaction with parallel universes, but in her dreams Sayuri awaits for an old promise to be fulfilled—and holds the key to the world's salvation.

Pros To the Anime: THE ARTWORK IS AWESOME!!! Anyone who is already is a fan of Makoto Shinkai, knows that his work is always superb. The music is also very well staged, and will sometimes leave you in absolute tears. Both the Japanese and English voice-overs are very well developed and awesome as well.

Cons to the Anime: One of the only things that this movie does lack is a solid plot. This movie, is very abstract in it’s way of thinking. Moreover, for some people, this movie may end up leaving a person confused.

Miss Red Rose’s Verdict: While the plot is not quite up to par emotionally, the artwork and the music that makes a Shinkai work is in it. If you love his work, this movie is something you must check out while waiting for his newest work “5cm Per Second.”

Feature Of The Week: The Words Every True Otaku Should Know.</i>

As I am in personal development of expanding my anime/manga customs business. I am discovering more and more series, and terms that fans love! Nevertheless, at the same time, I am also discovering how many otakus; do not quite understand what many of the veterans in the community are talking about. There is always that one person who no matter how hard they try to absorb the terminology, there is just no hope for them.

Therefore, in an effort to properly educate non-otakus and fellow otakus alike, I would like to create the first edition of “The Words Every True Otaku Should Know.” This should be one of the first lists to be put on DA ever. I would like to give shout-outs to the Anime Portal at Wikapedia and The Sonic X website for help on compiling the first list. If there is a word that is missing, please feel free to leave notes at the end of this feature. I promise when the first edition of “Otakus ED” comes out, your word will be there. (Out by Lulu Press in Feb 2008!!) So, HERE WE GO!!

The Quintessential Words

~ Anime: a term that is short for “Japanese Animation”. Do not use the full term unless you are talking to mature adults who know nothing about anime.

~Manga: Japanese comic books. Commonly confused however with anime. But Manga is the paper form, as anime is the animation for film/TV form.

~Otaku: A slang term used in Japan and in the US, for a serious fan of anime/manga works.
(If you would like to know more about this term, check it out Issue Two of the DAOS: “Otakudom 101”. Link is…)

Japanese Suffixes:
~ chan: (chan) This suffix is added to the end of children's names, mostly girls. It can also be added to a name to show affection, so the girls often use this ending on each others' names or when referring to a boyfriend.
~ san: (saan) Adds respect to a person's name, usually used when someone is older than you.
~ sama: (sa-ma) Shows a great deal of respect (like Master), usually used when referring to a godly being.
~ kun: (kuun) Mostly added to boys names, but can be used for girls as well. Used when someone is not very well known and is your own age or younger.
~ hime: (he-may) princess (i.e.: Mononoke-hime= Princess Mononoke.)

Common People Classifications
~ Oneichan: (oh-nei-chan) Sister, or in more formal situations, a young woman of older age or social standing.
~ Oniichan: (oh-nee-chan) Brother, or in more formal situations, a young man of older age or social standing
~ Koi/Koibito: (koy/koy-bi-toe) Boyfriend or girlfriend. Lover.
~Sempai: (sem-pie) Older student
~Sensei: (sen-sei) Teacher

Frequently Heard Japanese Terms:
~ Aho: (ah-ho) Idiot, fool.
~ Aishertu: (aiee-shi-tae-ru) "I love you."
~ Arigato: (ar-re-ga-toe) "Thank you."
~ Arigato gozaimas: (ar-re-ga-toe go-zai-masu) "Thank you very much."
~ Baka: (ba-ka) A foolish or stupid person
~ Banzai (ban-za-ee) Means cheers or hurrah!
~ Chibi: (chib-ie): Meaning something little or short.
~ Dame: (da-may) another way of saying “no” or not allowed.
~ Demo: (deh-mo) “But” the common way.  
~ Domo: (doh-mo) “Very Much”
~ Hai: (hi) Yes, or okay?
~ Hana: Flower ^_^
~ Iye (ee-yeh): No
~ Irrashaimase: (ee-ra-shy-ma-say) Means “Welcome!”--Well known term to all “Ouran High School Host Club” Fans.  
~ Itadakimasu (ee-tah-dah-kee-mah-soo) Roughly translates to “Let’s Eat!!!”, it is usually said in the Japanese culture to show gratitude to the preparer of the food.
~ Ja-Ne/Mata-Ne: Both are common ways of saying “see you later!”
~ J-Pop/J-Rock: Japanese slang for Japanese Pop or Rock music. Slowly gaining more and more love in the states.
~ Kawaii: (ka-wa-ii) Means something super cute. Also known as an island in the Hawaiian Islands.
~  Kudasai: (ku-da-sigh) Means “please”
~ Konbanwa: (kon-bon-waa) Good evening.
~ Konichiwa: (kon-knee-chi-wa) Good afternoon
~Moshi-Moshi: (mo-shii mo-shii) A Japanese traditional way of saying hello over the phone.
~ Ohayo: (o-hay-o): Means “Good Morning!”
~ Onegai: (o-ne-guy) A more desperate form of saying “please”  
~ Sugoi (suu-goy): Means amazing, WOW, or cool.
~ Tsubasa: Means literally “wings”. Usually referring to angelic wings, but wings none the less.

Common Japanese Items
~ Bento: Japanese-style boxed lunches, served cold. Often consists of rice and various side items arranged in a very artistic manner. Also very delicious.
~Doujinshi: (dow-jin-shi) Unofficial manga works by amateur artists who are fans. Considered illegal in Japan, but many companies have ignored it.
~Fuku: a suit or uniform.
~ Katana: (kah-tah-nah) Traditional, slightly curved blade of about 3 feet in length. Used as a weapon in Japan by swordsman of numerous eras.
~ Kimono: (kee-mo-no) A traitional Japanese robe or clothing worn by men and women. Styles for each gender differ because women's kimonos usually have more elegant, detailed, and colorful designs and overall more feminine. Otherwise known as a 'yukata.'. Will see on many otakus who do not cosplay all out.
~ Odango: (oh-don-go) Means Dumplings! (yummy.)
~Ramen: The cheapest form of food on the planet. It is noodles in a broth that you heat up and eat. An essential part of the otaku and college otaku’s diet.
~ Ramune: Also known as a marble soda, it tastes like Bubblegum 7up. And is a common drink amongst otakus. Ask for it at your next otaku community gathering.
~ Sake: A Japanese alcoholic beverage made of rice wine. Only if you are 21 or older should you drink it kiddies! (Unless you live in Japan. Then it is 20 years old.)

Anime/Manga Genres and Terms
To save space and time, Please see issue three: “Oh For the Love of Bishonen!”
Link is here:…

International Otaku Terms:
These terms have been coined by the US and other otaku communities around the world.

~ Fanart: Drawing Art that is inspired from any form of already published artwork. Is considered legal as long as it does not contain actual copyrighted material.
~Fanfiction: Written stories that are inspired from already published works. Is considered legal so long as it is not sold for profit.
~ Anime Conventions: Also known as, “cons” Anime conventions are places where the otaku community can get together and cosplay, buy otaku related items, meet fellow otakus and meet people from the professional anime/manga communities. Usually, anime conventions are held between April and September as they are the high seasons for otakus. And for otakus’ paychecks.
~ Glomps: To glomp, is to go up to another person and throw yourself onto him/her in a massive bear hug, which lasts for a very long time. Always ask before glomping though..
~ Dealer’s Rooms: A place where merchants of otaku related merchandise sells their wares. Always remember to shop around before shelling out the cash. Because many dealers are willing to negotiate with you. ^_^
~Artists Alley-A place where artists can go and sell their many styles of artwork. Definitely great if you are a fan of fan arts. Spend money there, the artists need it.
~Deviant: A deviant, is one who has an account on Artists use this as a way to network and sell some of their wares over the internet in a community that loves art already.
~Fansubs-an Anime that has been translated into English subtitles, by fans. Technically illegal, but has been somewhat been ignored by anime companies in both the US and other countries.
~Scanlations: a manga that has been translated into English by fans, considered also illegal but has also been somewhat ignored.
~Lemon: Often used to describe mature and adult content in animes/mangas. Also used to describe any yaoi/yuri material as well.
~Cosplay: When a fan dresses up as their favorite anime/manga character.
~ Chara: Which is short in the online otaku community for “character”
~OVA: Acronym for “Original Video Animation”, Which is anime that was produced straight to video instead of to another form of media. Many OVA’s are undubbed, but many are now becoming dubbed in English.
~ Seiyuu/VA’s---Two names, same meaning, both mean a Voice Actor. In English, we use the acronym VA’s instead.

*sighs* Well, that is the list of terms that every Otaku should know. Yes, I know it is quite a lot, and no, you are not expected to remember every single word. But the next time that you and your otaku friends run around a “con”, you can be a lot more armed and know at least some of what they are saying. Although, true otakus, always do their own research and develop their own tastes. ^_^

That is it for this week’s issue of the DAOS! Tune in next week, when go back into our in depth survey of the Otakudom and talk about Fansubbing and Scanlations, it’s importance in the otaku community, and it’s pros and cons. As always, all notes and comments about this issue are welcome below, and at my personal DA here: :iconmissredrose:.. Thanks so much otakus for all your support!

See you next week!
~Miss Red Rose~               

Source Links:
1) Wikapedia:
2) The Sonic X Website:…

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Upcoming Releases: Remember that all release dates and actual prices vary from seller to seller, so remember to look around okay? Good Otakus… </u>

Upcoming DVD Releases for 09/04/2007
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Di Gi Charat Nyo (DVD 3)
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Fruits Basket - A Great Transformation (DVD 1 of 4)
Fruits Basket - What Becomes of Snow? (DVD 2 of 4)
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Upcoming Manga Releases for 09/04/2007
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Gintama (G.novel 2)  
Hunter X Hunter (G.novel 16)
I''s (G.novel 15)
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Naruto (G.novel 16)
Naruto (G.novel 17)
Naruto (G.novel 18)
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The Gentleman Alliance (G.novel 3)  
The Prince of Tennis (G.novel 21)  
Whistle! (G.novel 17)
MPD-Psycho (G.novel 2)
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